Create Error-free Electronic Form I-9's

The Form I-9 is required to be completed for all employees in the United States hired after November 6, 1986. Though it is a standardized government form, we have found that anywhere from 20% to 80% of employer Form I-9's contain errors – that’s why we created the original error-detecting electronic I-9.

Our service is cloud-based, so there is no software to install and you never have to worry about time-consuming updates or downloads.

Approved by the DHS

Patriot I-9 was the first cloud-based solution approved by the Department of Homeland Security.  Importantly, our online I-9 is quality-checked by the Department of Homeland Security on an annual basis, making it virtually impossible for your employees to make a mistake.

Accessible Anywhere via the Internet

If you have access to the Internet, you can use Patriot I-9!  Our solution allows for simple management of the I-9 process regardless of how many employees or job locations you have. Everyone in your organization can do it correctly the first time around.  Learning to use the software requires all of five minutes.

You can rest assured knowing that every member of your staff at every location is completing the I-9 correctly.

Why Should You Use Patriot I-9's Electronic I-9?

  • Accuracy - Your I-9's will be complete and correct.
  • Search - Your I-9's will be organized and searchable.
  • Access - You can manage all records at every location.
  • Paperless - Never lose a paper document again.
  • Alerts - Automated expiring document alerts.
  • One-Click E-verify - Easy one-click E-Verify submission directly from the I-9.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Our service is Guaranteed
Choose an Electronic I9 Solution if:
You are worried about errors on your historical (current employee) I9 forms.
You are concerned errors will continue to be made in the future.
You are overwhelmed the sheer number of paper I9 forms.
You are not sure when to purge old paper I9 forms.
You have no bonafide system in place to process accurate and compliant I9’s.
You have no way to centrally manage your I9's
You currently use an electronic I9 solution, but you worry it is non-compliant or that you have trouble using it
You have no way to track expiring I9 documents.
You have or are facing an ICE audit.
Your I9 process needs improvement.
Your employees have so much other work to do, how can we possible manage the I9 process.